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Welcome to the Red Bird Center

The Red Bird Center is a Trauma Recovery Center, located in the forest in southeastern Ohio. Our mission is to provide opportunities for healing, education, and community celebration for individuals and families who have suffered trauma and loss. Our foundation is centered in the "Indigenous Healing Model" that restores the spirit and brings unity and connection within communities. We are a Multicultural Healing Center that celebrates and welcomes all cultures and faiths. The Red Bird Center has been in operation since 1997 and is a Native non-profit organization.

The basic philosophy of the Center is as follows:

  • Anyone who seeks to heal...can
  • Healing is a creative process
  • The answers to our healing are as unique as we are
  • Personal responsibility is absolutely essential
  • Healing that invites Spirit into the experience, honoring the truth of the soul, is the most successful (We honor that each Faith and Culture has a beautiful expression of the Spirit.)
  • Healing occurs most powerfully with the support of one's community

Right now, in our society, we need to heal ourselves and the Earth. Disharmony among the people is great, but so are the healing opportunities. The Center's Founder, Shianne Eagleheart, and the Staff are dedicated to the healing of the Earth and Her people: all nations, all creeds.

The Center is also active in Restorative Justice, promoting a healing model to effectively respond to crime in America and support the development of safer communities.

Upcoming Events: 2019

  • RBC Native 12 Step Recovery Circle
    2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month
    Passages, Columbus, OH

  • Wilmington College
    Student and Faculty Training on Group Therapy, Dream Work, Community Healing and Compassion Fatigue
    March 19th
    Wilmington, OH

  • RBC Family and Community Staff Retreat
    April 26th - 27th

  • Roehampton University, London UK
    Wounded Bear Faculty and Student Training
    May 1st-4th

  • RBC Valor Home / Freedom House Veteran's Healing Retreats
    June 7th-8th, October 4th-5th, December 6th-7th

  • Children's Celebration Weekend, Red Bird Center
    August 17th-18th

  • RBC / Family and Community Services Annual Professional's Retreat
    October 5th-6th

  • RBC "Celebrate Recovery" Sobriety Powwow/Unity Gathering
    October 26th-27th
    Columbus, Ohio 43221

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